Eliminate acidity with Hydroxide Water™

What is Hydroxide Water™?

In simplest terms it is an alkaline hydroxide water concentrate that will infuse any water with hydroxide, turning it into an unsurpassed acid eliminator. Most alkaline waters only buffer excess acidity by introducing alkaline minerals which is helpful but does not eliminate the acidity like hydroxide does.

Although other alkaline waters have some hydroxide, none comes close to the level of free hydroxide provided by Hydroxide Water™. This is because our hydroxide comes only from food grade calcium hydroxide which in turn comes from nature’s perfect hydroxide vault – limestone. It is 100% natural and far more stable than the electro-magnetically created hydroxide that is produced by alkaline water machines or is found in other alkaline waters.

How does Hydroxide Water™ work?

The body has many acids that it uses in its daily operation that are beneficial. In fact, hydrogen protons themselves are key to many biological processes that take place in the body. The problem comes when outside acids are introduced or excess acids are produced and hydrogen protons build up. This is damaging to the body and robs it of it precious resources. Further, excess acidity contributes to inflammation in the body which adversely impacts any disease conditions.

Interestingly, although water is made up of two hydrogen protons and one oxygen proton, when it splits apart it always splits into one hydrogen proton and a hydrogen proton and an oxygen proton remain together. The hydrogen proton and oxygen proton that remain together are called hydroxide (OH). Hydrogen protons and hydroxide ions do not like being separated and a strong electro-magnetic bond attracts them to each other. When hydroxide (OH) is introduced into an environment where excess acidity (H+) exists, it immediately seeks out the hydrogen protons to combine with them and become water. This is why hydroxide is such a strong acid eliminator. The formula for the reaction is simple:

The Results

Eliminating acidity has many benefits:

1) DECREASED INFLAMMATION – By eliminating acidity, the body’s inflammation responses are quieted and normal fluid levels are restored.

2) ULTRA-HYDRATION Hydroxide Water™ not only hydrates by providing the water the hydroxide is suspended in, but it creates new water molecules as it eliminates acidity (hydrogen protons). Hydroxide is the only substance that can help the body create water. Because water is being created as acid is eliminated, dehydration is not a possibility. Optimal hydration is key to proper body function and to healing.

3) INCREASED DETOXIFICATION – The body not only hydrates the cells with the water created but it also primes the detox pathways. This may result in increased urination as the acidic load on the body is reduced but will decrease over time.

4) INCREASED ENERGY – Energy production in the body creates hydrogen. By removing excess hydrogen (acidity) the body is able to produce more energy without stressing its systems.

5) INCREASED OXYGEN – Acidic load robs the body of resources that would be otherwise utilized for the transport and availability of oxygen. When the acidic load is eliminated rather than merely buffered, more resources become available for oxygen transport.

6) RESTORED HARMONY – When excess acidic load is eliminated rather than merely buffered, the body is able to operate more efficiently in all biological processes.


Hydroxide Water™ is a concentrate that can be added to ANY water to infuse it with hydroxide and turn it into an acid eliminator. Distilled or reverse osmosis waters provide the best sources for dilution but again Hydroxide Water™ will turn ANY water into an acid eliminator. To dilute Hydroxide Water™ add one ounce (30 ml) of concentrate to a quart (liter) bottle then fill with water. You have now created the most potent acid eliminating drink available.

Below are some general guidelines but remember they are only guidelines, your experience may prove different. Use these to guide your discovery of what works best for you. See our How To Use page for detailed instructions on how to personalize your experience with Hydroxide Water™.

General guidelines

  • It is best to drink the diluted hydroxide solution on an empty stomach.
  • If an empty stomach is not possible, wait at least 30 to 40 minutes after eating before drinking the diluted hydroxide solution.
  • After drinking the diluted hydroxide solution, wait 10 to 15 minutes before eating anything.
  • Do not drink acidic beverages for at least 30 to 40 minutes after drinking the diluted hydroxide solution.
  • It is best to split up your consumption throughout the day.

More In-Depth Information

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