International Courier Shipping


Because the governments in Mexico, Central America, and South America have proved problematic to deal with, KETOKERRI has made arrangements with a door to door courier based in the US for deliveries into these regions. Your order will be shipped to this courier and then they will contact the customer with the courier costs of delivering to them. These costs would be close to what DHL would charge but the success rate will be far greater.

Please follow these instructions if you are ordering from Mexico, any country in Central America, or any country in South America.

  1. Use the billing address as the address associated with your credit card. In most cases this address will be used as the final destination address for final delivery by the courier. This should be your home address where you want the package delivered. If the billing address and final destination address are different, please make sure to note this and provide us with the final destination address separate from the billing address.
  2. Use the following address for the shipping address:
    • NCVEN Logistics & Transportation
    • ATTN: Alex Teran
    • 24435 Dartford Springs Lane
    • Katy, TX 77494-0818
  3. Place your order

Once the order arrives in Texas, you will be contacted by with instructions for payment of the courier fee and final delivery instructions. Normal transit time to Mexico is four days. Normal transit time to Central or South America is seven days. Depending on what is ordered the fee should be around $80 for smaller orders and more for bigger orders.

Contact information for forwarding company


Phone: +1-954-483-0692 Alejandro