Welcome to ketokerri. The ketokerri label was the brain child of Kerri Rivera. Kerri has been actively assisting children with autism as they seek to heal themselves by supporting the natural processes of the body since 2006 when she opened her biomedical clinic in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Over the past 11 years she has seen a need for good products to support the body as it heals naturally and not just giving the body things that don’t get results.

Although a product may have the same name, the quality of that product can vary significantly. Kerri’s vast experience with many different products over the years has given her a wealth of knowledge upon which to draw on in assessing the quality and value of different supplements. Kerri has determined which ones provide the most support and then gathered them in one place for the consumer’s convenience. Here you will find the best supplements to bring about the desired results without the negatives that found in supplements full of fillers. The key is to provide the body with the support necessary without adding to the body’s burden with unnecessary ingredients. More is rarely better for the body, especially when it is under the stress of illness.

You can use the products found here at ketokerri with the confidence that comes from knowing Kerri herself has evaluated and approved each one drawing on her vast experience in natural healing. If you support the body it can heal itself.