KetoKerri stands behind its products and wants to give the consumer a risk free opportunity to try them out.

If the consumer is not completely satisfied the company is willing to refund 100% of the purchase price for:

  • any single 1.25 lbs. bag of Clean Clay™
  • any single 2 lbs. bag of MSM™
  • any single quart of Hydroxide Water™
  • any single 8 ounce bottle of Hydroxide Alkaline Gel™
  • any single bottle of Breakthrough Vitamin D™
  • any single bottle of Humic/Fulvic™
  • any single bottle of EDTA™
  • any single bottle of Black Seed Oil™
  • any single bottle of Structured Silver Solution™

This guarantee is good for 90 days from the purchase date.

This guarantee does not apply to multiple orders of any of the products, but does include combos of single items. We prefer you try our products first and then purchase larger quantities once you see for yourself how well they work.

The guarantee does not include flat rate shipping or international shipping, only the product price is guaranteed.

Keto Kerri